Custom websites are better than template websites in every regard. A website created using a template will ALWAYS rank far lower in search results than a website created using a “live” CMS like WordPress. This is only one of many factors.

Here are the reasons why custom websites are superior to template websites.

specially designed for your company:

When using a pre-made theme, you are constrained by its restrictions and design.

With custom design, web designers create a singular design that precisely matches your requirements, from the brand’s colours to the layout you desire. You can make use of quality coding, industry best practises, and crucial features employed by the most competitive businesses in your market category.

Realize your present and future company objectives:

Your personalised website can help you achieve both present and long-term business objectives.

particular to your website: 

If a competitor purchases the same or a similar template, having a template-based website that closely resembles that of your opponent may confuse potential customers or purchasers.

Ongoing Assistance:

Due to the volume-based nature of their business, premade templates only provide limited support. If your company website doesn’t launch properly or you need to make corrections, you can find yourself in a bind. Your company’s reputation and online presence cannot be left to chance.

Quality Control:

Premade templates are not built just for you. They haven’t been examined with regard to your firm, its tools, or your web host.


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