Pay Per Click Management

You want to get all the exposure and promotion for your business, but have less to spend on it. As with most business decisions, marketing strategies seem to weigh heavier on small businesses.Whether you’re new to pay-per-click, there’s no contradict on many benefits of PPC advertising. As a method of amplifying online traffic and getting high leads, PPC advertising is one of numerous marketing techniques you should use to grow your business. Many business owners start out with online marketing strategies like SEO and Social Media but we assume that paid online advertising options, like PPC, are the natural next steps to grow your business.

The Right Placement At The Right Time.

Our targeted campaigns get your brand in front of people, who are actively searching for precisely what you offer.

High Commercial Intent Keywords Selection

High commercial intent keywords are also known as high intent keywords. They are those keywords which convey a strong intent on the part of consumers to conduct a transaction. Choosing the right set of high intent keywords is equivalent to winning half search engine advertising battle. Paid Pay Per Click is the best way to gain convertible visitors via high intent keywords.

Pay Per Click Services

The digital marketing tides are shifting and many companies are looking for fast, effective ways to position their brands in front of high-converting customers. Increase your search engine visibility and get immediate results with Thrive Internet Marketing Agency’s PPC management services.

Ad Creation

Start creating customizable online ads with our advertisement maker

Create social media ads, display ads, banner ads, video ads and more.

Ideal for marketers, small business owners and creative agencies.

FREE PPC Audit and Competitor Analysis

We at Digitex Nation provide FREE PPC Audit of the client’s website and market capture analysis of their competitors. This helps our PPC marketing team to get a better perspective on the client’s business and the windows of opportunities which are present in the market.

Maximize Your Results with the Right Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategy

Media Buy

We create landing pages that align with the ads created in your PPC campaigns so that your customers find what they are looking for quickly to drive more targetted traffic.


Our progressive remarketing techniques helps you to shows ads to people who've visited your website. We help you to reconnect with your engaged customers to get more conversions.

Shopping Ads

Our approach to manage your shopping ad campaigns ensures that you get wide exposure, experience higher click through rate (CTR), and generate more sales effectively.

Paid Search

Do you want your company’s appearance at the top of the search engines? Paid search marketing is most scalable form of marketing designed to connect your ads with searchers.

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